Youth Pastor

Rev.Andrew & Sis. Falicia Wagoner

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Without Jesus' help, this job would  be pointless. Without my loving wife Falicia's help, it would be daunting.

When I was just a kid in the Youth group, my Youth Pastor (now Pastor Jason Lawson of Northside Apostolic Church, Evansville In.) would always say, "The Youth aren't the Church of tomorrow! They are the Church of today!" The same rings true still. Through the Bible and even today, young people are instrumental in shaping the world in which they live. If we ignore the up and coming generation, we will effectively cut off our legacy of Truth.

President Herbert Hoover once said, "Older men declare war, but it is youth that must fight and die." The same sentiment applies in the church. The burden of the older generation must be the conviction of younger generation. We must make sure that our message, this precious doctrine, makes it to the next generation. If the kids in our church can't tell you what Pastor Clement preaches, then I'm not doing my job. I do what I can to make sure they all have fun and enjoy their time at church, but there must be a place of teaching. I must be the conductor of Truth between the leaders before me and the generation behind me.